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Beyond the Book


Chapter One: Finding Your Job: Identifying Your Best Opportunities

Developing Your Personal Brand

Focusing on Opportunities to Pursue

Determining Potential Industries and Professional Disciplines: The Myth

Determining Your Potential Market

Identifying Potential Employers

Jumpstarting Your Lead Generation Program: Networking Events

Leveraging Print Media

The Internet

Employment Agencies

Chapter Two: Getting the Interview: Creating Your Marketing Campaign

Making Sure the Competition is Fair

Market Research

Creating Your Marketing Package

Your Business Card

Your Cover Letter

Your Resume

The Parts of a Resume

Sample Resumes

Your Internet Presence

Your Physical Materials

Unsolicited Applications

Your Marketing Partner: How to Work with Career Services

The Value of Persistence

Chapter Three: Acing the Interview: Building a Relationship and Selling Yourself

Interview: Selling Yourself over the Phone

Preparing For the Face-to-Face Interview

The Interview: Selling Yourself in Person

Start of the Interview

The Interview: Your Sales Presentation

Using These Questions and Answers

Chapter Four: Getting the Offer: Closing the Sale

Next Step after an Interview

Maintaining Contact after the Interview

How to Respond to Rejection

Reference Checking

Salary Negotiation

Informing Everyone That You Have a Job

Final Words about Waiting for a Job Offer


How to Research a Business or Industry Sector

Databases to Consult in Your Search for Information

Power Verbs


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