Mike Aquino

Mike Aquino-CPC, JCTC, Certified Recruiter/Career Coach, MPA Companies, Inc.

1. What does a college grad who travelled around the world for 6 months and did not seek a job do to explain why he or she still does not have a job?

MA: The 6 month travel would be very rare, but being unemployed 6 months after graduation is not for most new grads.

I think most new grads take a break and relax for a couple months before actively attacking the job market and most employers understand that, but are more interested in what real career objectives the graduate has both short and long term.

He or she must be able to communicate these objectives as they may apply to a potential employer. I suggest that these objectives be written in a list and reviewed before each phone or in person interview.

2. How does someone explain why he or she has not been able to stay at any job for more than a year?

MA: Sometimes the reasons are beyond control such as a temporary or contract job. Maybe the company had to force an unexpected layoff and lay off newer employees first.

Maybe the new employee just did not feel comfortable in the job and moved onto a more suitable job where he or she could have extended tenure.

But if an employee has had 2-3 one year job stints, then there is no possible explanation that can be made to a prospective employer that will be acceptable.