Getting a job is a competition and you need to be equipped with the tools to win that competition.

People who win the competition for jobs and career success know something that most people do not know. They know how to make themselves appear to be different and better than their competition. They know how to market themselves. That is often the secret to their success. The Secret to Getting a Job After College will make it easy for you to leverage that very same secret.

While you will not have to learn all of the tools that a marketing professional knows how to use, you will need a marketing plan to help you stand out from the competition and get a job. This book will help you create that plan. It will teach you what marketers know are effective strategies in marketing products and services. You will learn how to market the most important product to you and that product is you.

Filled with tips and strategies, this book will quickly guide you in marketing yourself and what you have to offer to potential employers. Buy the Book and Gain Access to The Secret to Getting a Job After College.

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What Everyone is Saying About the Book

“Impressive! The information is great and right on target with what we tell our students.”

—Julie Newman, Director of Career Development, Clemson University

“This book is a valuable contribution to the profession of career services, and I look forward to including a copy of it in our Career Library.”

—Sean Gil, Associate Director, Career Center at California State University, Fullerton

“Excellent resource for students! The author speaks in a tone that resonates with this generation. I definitely will refer this book to students.”

—Kristina Sanchez, Associate Director of Experiential Programs & Employer Relations, Pomona College

“This book is on cue! Much of the info in this book is exactly what I tell my students and alumni to do as they begin their search!”

—Kimberly A. Beyer, Ed.D, Associate Director, Career Center at The University of Akron

“You will not find a collection of marketing tactics like this in any other book. Dr. Chiagouris knows everything about combining branding and business strategy to provide direction to landing a great job! Follow his expert advice and go from unemployed to employed!”

—Dr. Iris Mohr, Professor of Marketing, St. John’s University

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