About the Author: Dr. Larry Chiagouris

Dr. Larry Chiagouris

Dr. Larry Chiagouris

Dr. Larry Chiagouris is a full-time faculty member of Pace University and is a marketing expert that has helped students obtain their first job right out of school. As a professor of marketing he has taught at both the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level for more than 20 years.

His constant finger on the pulse of what challenges university students and graduates face in the job market along with his 30 plus years working in a variety of industries is what makes Dr. Chiagouris a valuable resource for those that want to land their first job. He knows what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate because he has participated in the hiring of hundreds of entry level employees in addition to senior managers and executives. It is through his experience of working with tech gurus at Bell Labs and Silicon Valley, the Madison Avenue ad men, and the spin-doctor public relations professionals in New York City and California that he learned which candidates succeed in landing a job.

To learn more about Dr. Larry Chiagouris please visit www.larrychiagouris.com.