The Impact of the Career Guidance Provided by Dr. Chiagouris: Praise by Former Students

“While many professors give their students contact information of recruiters and human resources representatives, Dr. Chiagouris’ approach is that of a coach. He forms personal relationships with his students, learns their strengths and weaknesses, understands their passions and future aspirations and then guides his students into a career path most fitting their individual goals.”

— Marissa Rofer, Piaget North America

“Dr. Chiagouris has been instrumental in furthering the careers of countless students. His lessons transcend the universe of jobs in marketing and advertising, providing practical skills that are useful in numerous career fields.”

— Anthony Reinhart, The Office of New York State Senator Andrew J. Lanza

“Dr. Chiagouris was exceptionally instrumental in helping me begin a career path right for me upon graduation. He went above and beyond by providing excellent individual guidance while I was a student at Pace University and has remained connected to me and other students post-graduation. He organizes networking events for students and is always available for any career-related advice. Dr. Chiagouris built a very unique and positive student-professor relationship.”

— Anna Dudik, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Without Dr. Chiagouris’ guidance, I wouldn’t have known what to do after graduation. He prepared me for what to expect in the real world and was always there for me when I needed help.”

— Mark Vasquez, CDMiConnect LLC

“From a former student to a young professional, I can assert that Dr. Chiagouris’ advice has positively influenced who I’ve become. It’s his enthusiasm behind providing insightful guidance that keeps recent graduates motivated when approaching this difficult job market. Any job-seeker overlooking this book is already making their first mistake.”

— Jeffrey Ginzburg, 5min Media

“Dr. Larry Chiagouris helped in defining my future career. He was not only the sole professor to help me to question my goals, but was the sole person in my life who had the wherewithal to do so. I owe a large part of my success to Dr. Chiagouris taking the initiative to guide me on my career path.”

— Jason Sutton, LMCA

“Dr. Chiagouris offers a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that not only allows him to expertly guide students, but also inspire them. Always willing to share his experiences, (the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly) his advice has been indispensable to me throughout my career.”

— Lauren Eriksen, So1o Group

“Dr. Chiagouris is an educator whose job does not end at the threshold of a classroom. He strives to build a solid relationship with his pupils throughout their educational career and is consistently available for guidance even after they have bid adieu to the world of academia. It is this quality that makes him an ideal connection between his students and the world of professions and professional opportunities.”

— Bhoomi Shah, GroupM

“He is simply amazing and represents the gold standard. Finding a job as a student without experience is a curve for which one needs a scissor to cut. I am proud to say that Dr. Chiagouris is that scissor who cuts the curve with wisdom and understanding. I will single out Professor Chiagouris as one of those few who put you down on the primrose path of success in your pursuit of a better future.”

—Olgerta Kondo, Zeppo Marketing, Inc.

“Dr. Larry Chiagouris told me that choosing a career is a life choice so it better be one you enjoy not just something you are good at; that is the key to a successful career and a happy life.”

—Alisha Bacchus, Highland Products Group LLC

“Dr. Chiagouris is a rare find these days. One finds that even with his heavy schedule he always makes himself available to answer questions, give advice, and discuss current events.  It is no surprise that Dr. Chiagouris’ manner extends beyond graduation.He is one of the few professors I have kept in touch with post graduation which is now 5 years ago.”

—Lana Voynova, Razorfish


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