The Secret to Getting a Job after College: Marketing Tactics to Turn Degrees into Dollars  is an easy to follow guide for all majors to help you launch your career in any job market.  In just four chapters, you will learn tips and tactics to attract the attention of an employer and win the competition with other candidates to get the job you want.

Bonus Feature: Exclusive Online Content:
•        Gain access to exclusive content to a companion website
•        Includes references to many job search resources
•        Resume examples for a variety of majors
•        Links to useful websites

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

Chapter 1: Finding Your Job: Identifying Your Best Opportunities
• Summary of easy to find sources of information to focus your job search
• Destroy the myth of what kind of job a college graduate should seek
• Where to uncover the jobs most students fail to ever find
• Create your personal brand

Chapter 2: Getting the Interview: Creating Your Marketing Plan
• Learn to create a cover letter that generates a call from an employer
• See what makes a great resume that cannot be ignored
• Find out how to get on top of an employer’s lists of candidates
• How to leverage the Internet faster and more effectively

Chapter 3: Acing the Interview: Building a Relationship and Selling Yourself
• Learn to prepare for any interview situation
• Find out what market research you need to do before the interview
• Learn the tricky questions that interviewers toss at you
• Know which answers work and which answers fail

Chapter 4: Getting the Offer: Closing the Sale
• How to be sure your references will support you when the employer calls
• Gain the knowledge to get an offer from an employer you will want to accept
• Obtain tips on how to be well positioned for your next job after you start your first job