Chapter Four: Getting the Offer: Closing the Sale

Chapter Four: Getting the Offer: Closing the Sale

Chapter Four, “Getting the Offer: Closing the Sale,” provides you with the information you will need to get an attractive offer from an employer. It also provides tips to be sure you are well positioned for the future. It includes suggestions to stay in contact with prospective employers in a professional manner after your initial contact with them. You will learn tips on salary negotiation and how to increase the chances that there will be another job for you almost immediately after you start your first job. Whether it is moving up the ladder within the company you join or moving to a better job at another company, you will be coached to assure you have employment beyond that first job.                                     

Next Step after an Interview

Maintaining Contact after the Interview

How to Respond to Rejection

Reference Checking

Salary Negotiation

Informing Everyone That You Have a Job

Final Words about Waiting for a Job Offer