Lynn Berger

Lynn Berger- Career Counselor, Consultant and Personal Coach

1. How can a college senior with minimal work experience prepare themselves for writing a resume that will get them a job after graduating?
LB: A college senior has a tremendous opportunity to showcase their experience and skills for a resume. While in school they can participate in clubs: in the arts, drama, student government, newspaper, etc. All of these activities allow them to express their skills, motivation and attitude.
2. How can the student be guided to see how to translate his/her school projects into marketable skills?
LB: The senior needs to show the marketability of these experiences by sharing the specific skills utilized. One way to do this is to list the satisfying experiences they had. From those experiences there are skills that can be recognized. These are called one’s motivated skills.
3. Please list the two major mistakes that people make when they create their resume.
LB: The biggest mistakes people make on resumes is to not give enough specifics and highlight the results accomplished.
Lynn Berger
Career Counselor and Coach
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