Hip – Hop Artist and Professor Join Forces to Battle a Difficult Job Market  




The message of the book is clear:

Excel in school, but be aware that good grades are not enough to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Know your value and do not be afraid to stand apart from the majority. It is your individuality—your unique perspective and your specific skills that you will share with the world that will bring you the greatest success. We wanted to find another individual who had a definitive message and who was making a positive difference in this world. We found this in the hip-hop artist Timid. We saw Timid’s video the Inferno and we immediately wanted to work with him. The message hits hard with its break down of the monotonous trap that society expects one to fall into and how he will not accept it. He breaks free by following the fire within and exceeds societal expectations. We found his message to be in tune with what we were expressing through The Secret to Getting a Job after College:Marketing Tactics to Turn Degrees into Dollars and the collaboration began. We asked Timid to take the concepts of the book and write lyrics that reflect the challenges graduates confront when seeking to make a difference in the world. This is how I Want the Secret was born. Check out his lyrics and the video to I Want the Secret.

We hope you enjoy it and embrace what it takes to succeed not only in careers, but in life!


Get the Anthem of All College Students Here: I Want the Secret!


Here are the lyrics to I Want the Secret:

we talk about in these days and in these times
the importance of getting an education for the mind
higher learning for earning so that you can get paid
they say the futures so bright you’ve got to wear shades
we’ve heard it all before, is the forecaster to blame
’cause economically it’s overcast and looking like rain
so umbrella or parasol, poncho or camisole
what to do for you after you develop the wherewithal
no guarantees, tuition costs are obscene
death by debt as you step into the scene
so, I want the secret to getting a job after college
to utilize skills i possess with my knowledge
how am i supposed to pay all this back they’re coming for the loans
what about my future family, retirement and a home
come on Holmes, how is our nation to progress
if we saddle the hope for the future with crushing debt
and no way out, with jobs going overseas
we’ll be so played out, a country on it’s knees
and we can’t not be educated it works even less
so what do we do, catch 22 with worry and stress
an ignorant population’s a matter of national security
which makes this state one of irrational absurdity
we need help here, like we needed healthcare
or we’ll have bigger problems in the future with welfare
do you care?
the truth of the matter is the system would rather
focus, on tuition patterns than on what comes after
the former over the latter, it’s like taking away the ladder
how do we ascend to begin escape from financial captors
What you don’t know is you need to show
more than a four point 0 to get where you want to go
prospective employers want something to support the hard
work that it took to get that good report card
Truth be told you have to be sort of a salesman
with the product of You packaged ready to sell to them
on display, with a detailed plan of marketing
know your way, project the image you’ve been sharpening
ready to relay, aimed at what you’re targeting
poker faced, steady hand in the bargaining
Get resume ready with degree in hand
confidence assured then execute your plan
Let’s go.